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Iwmbuzz.com 21 May 2018

Being with friends gives pleasure and happiness, and as we grow, we tend to cherish those moments spent at leisure with friends!! Of course, college days are the days where one carries no baggage of responsibility; great days that never come back as we get into the mundane work and family oriented schedule of life!!

Yes, this is exactly what the Zoom Studios Originals’ web-series, The Reunion – Jab They Met. Again… takes us back to!!

The very thought of a renunion with college mates gives us goosebumps, as we get back the pleasure of going back in date and recollecting valuable moments spent with friends.

Here too, friends Gaurav fondly called G (Veer Rajwant Singh), Aarya (Sapna Pabbi), Dev (Anuj Sachdeva) and Deva (Shreya Dhanwanthary) get an invite to the past wherein they are informed through a letter of the ‘Reunion’ of the 2008 batch!!

And here begins all the fun!!

Aarya who is a fashion designer at Myntra is initially not too keen on attending the reunion. On the other hand, we have G who seems to be eagerly looking forward to the reunion. Aarya and G meet up and the latter tries to rekindle the interest in the former for the reunion.

On the other hand we have Dev and Devaa who are married and settled in Los Angeles, USA. Once upon a time, very cozy and romantic couple is presently going through the rough and tough times of being married. Dev has literally got suffocated living life as per Deva’s thought process, and wants to breathe free. Though Dev wants to make it for the reunion, Deva seems lost as she does not want her friends to know the bitter truth of their married life.

With the D-day approaching, all decide to attend the reunion, but everyone seems to have a motive which drives them to go. For Aarya, she wants to patch up with ex-best friend Deva. Deva wants to be with friends, but again pushes Dev to behave cordially before them. Dev who wants to start something of his own, wants to meet friend Veer who is now an investment banker. Of all the people, it is only G who gears up for the reunion without any pre-decided thoughts in mind.

So we get to a newer ambience very close to the Bourbon High School wherein they all reunite at buddy Dastoor’s (Karan Asher) organized meet-up place.

Slowly, the friends get in and we see a lot of inter-personal friendships, disharmony showing up.

Aarya tries her best to bury the hatchet and get closer to Deva again. However, it is Deva who harbours a past wound, a hurt that Aarya had given her 10 years back. Though Aarya tries to explain it to Deva that she has been trying her level best to touch base with her, Deva does not let her into her life again…

At the very first outing, friends G and Aarya sniff problems between couple Dev and Deva. While G tries to check it out with Dev, Aarya tries her level best to get it out of Deva. Deva even opens up to Aarya that things are not normal between them.

The Reunion is all about friends and being friendly, forgetting the past, present and even future!! But will the friends of batch 2008 achieve the friendly bliss that they are thirsty for?

Anuj Sachdeva as Dev has the most to do in terms of expressions and scope. He is the dissatisfied, unhappy, looking-to-break-free guy. However, when with friends, he switches off from his unhappy married life, and enjoys the most. He drinks, breaks out into jigs and dance moments.    But his fights with Deva open up even in this ambience.

Shreya Dhanwanthary as Deva seems harrowed in the presence of Dev and feels upset at the way their love life has shaped up. A lady who does not want to open up, talk and solve things as she has always wanted her way!! This is her thought process, with her husband and with her once-best friend, Aarya. Shreya does a decent job in the role.

G seems the most uncomplicated guy, full of energy, joyous all the time. Veer Rajwant Singh is funny, his expressions top-notch. Sapna Pabbi as Aarya convinces us in the role. She’s happy and free-going , but looks quite complex with respect to her friendship with Deva. Amidst them, we have a girl who has mothered two kids, and listens to the never-ending drama of her mother-in-law. We have a lady who is best at crime identification, so on and so forth. Guess more friends will add on as we get new episodes to watch.

We like the simplicity, friendly ambience that the web-series provides. The inter-personal relationships of the friends need to be exposed further and we look forward to it. We eagerly wait to know the root cause to Aarya and Deva’s friendship hitting the rocks. We want to dwell into the past of Dev and Deva to know how life has turned topsy-turvy for them. As the friends say, they used to be the mushy much-in-love duo years back. We want to know what’s running in Dev’s mind about his dream work and how Veer can help him out.

Scenes where the friends meet up with the Principal of their school, how G tries to sneak into the campus by jumping walls, the fun talk and banter kindle interest.

The cinematography has been top-notch, with the scenes being shot well.

The series produced by Nikhil Gandhi and Azure Entertainment and co-produced by Lakshya Raj Anand will surely bring a smile on the faces of everyone, who has had happy times in the past with friends. Karishma Kohli, who has directed this series has does a good job too!!

Yes, the series does take us to our good old college times, and makes us think and ponder about our friends… It also got us dial a friend from college times and have a hearty chat…(smiles)

Well, the four episodes that are streaming are a good watch. It’s clean, simple and made for all… But the series does force us to throw a lot of questions in the air, which will only be answered as the future episodes stream. If you have the patience to go through the wait and watch it for yourself, you certainly should not miss watching The Reunion.

Zoom Originals’ first web-series has opened up big and we feel Zoom Studios will have a lot to offer towards the digital growth in the time t0 come.

We at IWMBuzz.com give the series a 3 out of 5 stars.


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